SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED! yes so much that it needed to be stated in caps. I found out in January that my Mother has Breast Cancer! So In order to help my parents my family moved in to a one bedroom trailer out at my parents place. You see my Mom and I co-run a business. We breed European Boxers and sell them as everything from pets to service dogs.

jett this is one of the puppies we have for sale now. His name is Jett and he is a super sweetheart. To find more info on him and his siblings, go to the page titled puppies, then pick River and Dante’s litter.

So while my mom was undergoing Chemo and all the nasty side effects from her treatment. We are living in a dinky little trailer and trying to sell our beautiful 3 bedroom house in town. Trying to get everything we might need to get by from a big 3 bedroom house to a little trailer is frustrating to say the least.

Then we went to Primary children’s hospital in Salt lake in March for my youngest to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. An overnight (One night Stay) or so it was supposed to be. To make a very long and painful story short after having to be sedated for a week and having to have a tracheotomy done so he could even breathe we were finally allowed to go home and try to adjust to life with a 18 month red-head that was angry all the time that he couldn’t make a sound. Well life was very stressful to say the least. Not much sleep for me because I was worried that he would somehow block his Trach tube with something. But over time it has gotten better and I have grown accustom to reading his body language to find out what he needs and wants. We are trying to get to the point were he can have reconstructive surgery at the end of summer this year. OR the best thing in my mind would be dilating his trachea so that we could wait till he is older to do the surgery. We have already done one dilation and it has worked really well. We will do another and then look at our options again. So that is going on.

My weight-loss goals are still in the works. I restarted the HCG back in February and was very successful, I lost 29 pounds and was able to stabilize at that last dose weight. Then in April I started Round 2 and lost 17 pounds. Now I am working on stabilizing for that round. I will take a break in June (because I am having my tonsils removed…oh goody! NOT!) And start my 3rd round in July.

To top everything off nicely we are trying to sell our house and get out of debt. Help my parents with daily living and raise and sell these wonderful companions and service dogs. For more information:

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Mother of 2, wife to one that somehow puts up with me. Cook, writer, passionate about my family and future. Excited about all the many possibilities and opportunities that may come our way.

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