me and the boys2I want to be one of those moms, you know, that has the kids but still pursues her dreams. I have a friend that I quite admire, her name is Jenni. She has 2 kids and she has written a book and is self published. And she has started her own photography business.  I don’t get to see her very often in fact it has been years since i have, but we keep in contact on Facebook. And I think she is a super mom. Another one is Deanna, she had to do school and work and raise two kids by herself. She is a super mom. My own mother is a super mom. Everything she does is for others. She is kind thoughtful and so very giving. She is a super mom, if I am even half the mom she is then I know I am doing good. My sister in law is learning very quickly about being a super mom. She works and takes care of her family while my brother is trying to finish school. She is such a thoughtful person. And doing what she does work and being a great mom and wife, I admire her greatly. She is a super mom. My mother in law is a super mom. She like my own mom is incredibly giving and kind. She doesn’t feel like she does anything big, but all the little things add up and help in ways she isn’t even aware of. She is a super mom.

I have know mentioned a few of the super moms I know. But my hope is that any who read this will know that if they are anything like these wonderful women I have named, then they too are super moms.  Keep up the good work and remember that even when you are trying to “Just get by” you are being an example to those around you.

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Mother of 2, wife to one that somehow puts up with me. Cook, writer, passionate about my family and future. Excited about all the many possibilities and opportunities that may come our way.

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