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HCG, which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a glycoprotein hormone produced from the embryos of women during pregnancy. This hormone, though previously considered to be unrelated to weight loss/weight gain, was discovered in the 1950s to be highly valuable in the treatment of obesity. Dr. A.T.W Simeons pioneered the research in this field, using injections, coupled with a low calorie diet, to arrest and completely reverse weight gain. Many studies and countless real world people have achieved amazing, lasting, weight loss with HCG.

The HCG diet plan is awesome in its effectiveness.  Recent new information released indicates that not only does HCG help you lose weight fast, but also helps to cure diabetes!  Recently reported on a new HCG study that not only definitively showed the HCG diet worked, but that the it also helped boost insulin levels and metabolism.  This is a stunning development, considering that HCG has never been used to treat diabetes.  It’s quite amazing that such a simple hormone is turning out to have so many amazing, and unexpected effects.    Here is  Dr. Simeon’s book free of charge.

Phase 1 or P1


Phase 1 is often the most overlooked phase of the HCG diet plan, but probably the most important.  Phase 1 involves high caloric and high fat intake for 2-3 days while taking HCG.  This is the beginning of all HCG regimens, whether or not you’ve done one before.  This is absolutely critical to success, as the body will attempt to deposit new fat cells and lipids, but the HCG hormone will begin to stop it from doing so.  Rather than storing new fat, the body will loosen and mobilize fat and lipids.  Once you start the diet plan itself, these newly mobilized lipids and fats result in extremely rapid weight loss. (10 lbs in 2-3 days being very common).  During this phase however, it’s critical to keep taking HCG supplements (HCG drops) or injections, and from that day forward you cannot halt your intake of HCG until the regimen is completed.

Phase 2 or P2


Phase 2 is often the most challenging for dieters.  It requires strict caloric intake 500 calories a day, though this is actually quite a bit of physical food if done correctly.  Generally speaking, lean protein is fine, fish and chicken in particular.  Meals (according to Dr. Simeons’ book) are made up of coffee and tea for breakfast and then two major meals for lunch and dinner.  These meals can be rather substantial, and there are many excellent recipes available.  The HCG diet entails upwards of 60 or more days of low calorie intake and HCG intake.  Both of these things combined help you to lose upwards of 50 lbs in a single treatment schedule, which is simply amazing.  The first 5-10 days of Phase 2 are the most powerful, and usually weight reduction after that drops to like 0.5 pounds per day or so.  The use of the HCG weight loss program can be an excellent way to lose weight.  This part the program is where the bulk of the weight comes off.

Phase 3 or P3


Phase 3: By far everyone’s favorite period of the HCG diet plan (and one of the most critical as well).  Caloric intake is returned to between 1200-1500/day, but the low fat and no milk portions of the diet remain to keep the body free of external unnatural hormones.  This phase is initiated after about 43-60 days dependent upon the regimen followed.  During this particular phase, HCG intake is halted, and a new diet plan called the “stability phase” is activated.  Maintenance is another term often used for Phase 3, but it really doesn’t matter what it is called, Phase 3 is probably the most critical phase for people who are interested in losing over 30 lbs, since multiple HCG regimens are necessary.  There are specific phase 3 foods that go well with it, but just avoid dairy and high fat foods and you will do well in this phase and be ready to start again.  If you need too.


*Disclaimer* All information was taken and converted into my own words from Dr. Simeon’s book “Pounds and Inches” And Some follows closely to others.

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