So today was good, I slept like the dead and when I got up I was still so very tired, but as I did things, like going through the motions and brushing my teeth and using the restroom, I did wake up a little more. When I weighed myself I wasn’t surprised that I had neither a gain nor a lose. It is a re-shaping day. Well ok then. I still feel good about my progress and everything. However the support group that I am doing this with and myself, have decided that we are going to switch over to doing the shots of HCG. Now I am ok with that since that is how I did it the first time I ever did this diet. So I took my first shot this morning, and I have absolutely NO HUNGER! now that is what I have missed about shots. Last time I did this and took the shots, I never really dealt with hunger issues. So having some hunger kinda took me off guard.

So my food journal for today is: 1 med apple, a delicious serving of chicken cabbage stir-fry ( I have a page that’s devoted to my favorite recipes) and a small serving of cottage cheese (3/4 cup) and sliced strawberries (3/4 cup) And believe it or not I am STUFFED!

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