Well as days go, this one did, I didn’t gain nor lose anything again. However I am feeling like I am retaining water big time. I have eaten too much with salt in it, and it is showing. I got pretty disappointed with everything this morning but I keep telling myself that It’s so worth it. Every liter of water, every bad day that goes untreated with chocolate is more weight gone and more confidence in myself. I’m staying positive, eating healthy, and getting closer to my goal weight!

I treated my water retention with lemon water and lots of it.

Today I ate: 1 apple, 3.5 oz. steak, and BBQ chicken 3.5 oz. with large salad.



Author unknown: The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places.

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Mother of 2, wife to one that somehow puts up with me. Cook, writer, passionate about my family and future. Excited about all the many possibilities and opportunities that may come our way.

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