So you know that point in any diet that you just want so very badly to eat something… anything other than what you is allowed, well today is that day. I even found a piece of chocolate and even stuck it in my mouth, then my motto ran…well more like screamed; through my mind. “NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS SKINNY FEELS! And I am so proud of my self, because I spit it out, without chewing I might add. YAY me!! This is where I have fought my toughest opponent…Me.  Plato said: The first and the best victory is to conquer self. Amen brother! Well aside from my low point today I did have a good loss 1.6 pounds! yay me!  Lets see if I can keep it up!

Today food was: 1 Apple, 3.5 oz. steak with half a cucumber with a pickle, then 3.5 oz. chicken with steamed broccoli YUM!

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Mother of 2, wife to one that somehow puts up with me. Cook, writer, passionate about my family and future. Excited about all the many possibilities and opportunities that may come our way.

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