So today was rough, and not in the way most are thinking. I had no cravings, wasn’t dying of hunger. No I was dizzy and light-headed, felt sick to my stomach. Even after eating I was like this. SO in desperation I turned to the HCG forums and websites, searching for a reason why this was happening. Well one thing I didn’t count on when I was planning for this diet was that I  would still be nursing my youngest child, and according to the forums doing the diet and breastfeeding is a bad combination. Causing shakes, dizziness, stomach cramps, light-headedness, shortness of breath.

Thus my conclusion is that I must wean my little man (he is a year old) before my group does its next round on October 19th is when we start again. So I am going to move into P3 and hope that I can keep the weight I have loss off.

Today I ate: 1 apple, 1 cup cottage cheese, taco salad yum!

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