Well life is still crazy and I have sick children off and on again. But I am tired of putting off some of what I consider to be important needs because of life’s craziness. If I continue to do that then I will never meet my goals. To that end I have been able to stop the medication that I felt was keeping me from losing weight, and my youngest has also finally weaned from nursing. YAY!

therefore I will be starting the HCG diet on the 1st of February and I am not going to stop until I reach my goal. I am estimating that I will need to do around 3-4 rounds. 30 days each round with a 3 week break between.  I’m excited to start but again I am nervous, there is just so much going on in February. My son is having his tonsils and adenoids removed. We are moving and selling our house. We are going to live in a trailer until we pay off some debt and our new house is built. We just have so much going on, and the crazy thing is….I want to do more. I want to be more. I want to run for 5 mins and not be exhausted. My mom always said that I can do anything that I put my mind too. And I believe her. Thanks Mom!

So here’s to a new year, a new me, a new list of goals to complete. Cheers!


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About amber

Mother of 2, wife to one that somehow puts up with me. Cook, writer, passionate about my family and future. Excited about all the many possibilities and opportunities that may come our way.

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