Mommy needs a break

So I am assuming that we can all relate to this statement “Mommy needs a break”. Now what I personally love about this is that it in no way reflects badly on the mom or her mommy skills. I believe we all need to recharge our batteries and de-stress our lives. So this is a place that I have designated for ideas to that effect.

First on my list of things that one could do to get away without really going anywhere, is read a really good book. One of my favorite things right now is a series of books written by author Patricia Briggs: The Mercy Thompson Novels. I have read them all or nearly so. I just finished one called “Frost Burnt” and I have to say that I have never been disappointed in her books. Quick to draw you in and interesting enough to keep you there. It is a series about werewolves and vampires, fairy creatures called the Fae. It is stories based on the life of a person named Mercy Thompson, she is what they call a shifter and she is very different than any other magical creature. Because she is a one of a kind. Based in the Tri-city areas of Washington State. The series follows Mercy on a roller coaster of love, hurt,  great happiness and unimaginable sadness. I love these books. I love that I can sit and read one book in maybe 12 hours and not feel jibed. I highly recommend her books for an escape. 300-400 pages of realizing that your life isn’t nearly as bad as someone with werewolf problems.

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