Introduction of Me, Myself and I

rhonin and Liam

These two are my reason to get up in the morning and one of the many reasons I am in desperate need of patience.


IMG_20130521_200037_257my boys2my boys.

Hello world! My name is Amber and welcome to my blog. I choose the name of my blog really carefully and because I am generally an impatient person, and I am always trying to garner that virtue the Pursuit of Patience is pretty perfectly fitted.

What Am I? Well as most can assume, I am female humanoid. Born in Idaho and raised in Washington State. Moved back to Idaho as an adult and found my true love and ultimately the one I want to annoy for the rest of time and eternity. I am a Mom, Sister, Wife, Aunt, and Daughter. Homemaker Day and night. I am always looking for healthy alternative for eating and living. I am also an aspiring writer and organizing enthusiast. I am also a big advocate for the HCG Diet. Not only can I attest that it works, but I can also say that it saved my mom’s life.

I created this blog to talk about life and the challenges I, and other mom’s like me face on a day-to-day basis. More on me: I’m married to a wonderful man named Jarod, we have 2 great and adorable little boys (Liam and Rhonin) and we plan on having more kids….eventually. I am a very family oriented person, I am very close to my parents and most of my siblings. My hobbies are many and varying : I love to experiment with cooking and baking. Right now mostly with Low carb cooking and baking. I will also be attempting to grow a garden, in an environment that I am unfamiliar with. As soon as I have the space we will also be raising Chickens and Rabbits.

Now I am a religious person, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints, and I LOVE my religion. If I say something that is offensive because that is something that you don’t believe, please remember that this is my belief, my faith. It is the foundation for everything that is important in my life. Nothing that I state on here is intended to be offensive in anyway. This is a feel good, overcome life’s difficulties and learn something on the way type of blog.

So this is me. I am a life loving person that is trying to have it all, the family, and career where I can be home and raise my children, but feel like I am making a difference in the world. That’s the dream. Please follow me on my adventures of life and learning.

I also ask that you would forgive any typos and grammar mistakes. I am trying to post between taking care of two children one of which has a Tracheotomy, taking care of my mom’s dog business, and my mom who is undergoing chemo for Breast Cancer. And if that wasn’t enough I am trying to get in shape and lose weight. Change my family’s eating habits. So yes I might be crazy but life is to precious put off till tomorrow. I will apologize now. SORRY! for the typos and sometimes obvious grammar mistakes. Thank you for being understanding!!

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