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Note: I am not a doctor, a baker, or a candlestick maker. I am however a mom that wants the best for her children and is willing to look for ways to make that happen.

So in the last couple of days my youngest son, who is 7 months old; has contracted a pretty bad cold and this literally happened over night. We went to sleep and then around 2am he started having a pretty bad running nose and a cough. Well we got though the night and I started to give him Highland’s “tiny cold tablets” for babies and some allergy meds to help with the restlessness and running nose. Well is went from bad to worst in literally 24 hours. He started to have trouble breathing and his head congestion had moved to his chest. I called the Doctors office to see if it was bad enough to bring him in, and the nurse basically told me to try to make him comfortable. And there was nothing that could be done. Well I got online and did some research of my own. Now I am not one to self diagnose, I know that if I was one, I most likely would come to the diagnoses of cancer. And that is why I DONT self diagnose.

What is found was that I am not alone in wanting to find ways to help my child more than just comforting him until it passes.  I learned that there is physical therapy that helps with chest congestion in infants. That seam with pure eucalyptus oil in it does way more than “Baby vicks” heck I learned how to make my own type of “Vicks” for my children and myself that is actually better for us then store-bought Vicks.

Starting with the physical therapy, I learned that if you lay your baby tummy down across your knees and (if is a very young baby support the neck and head with your hand or arm) cup your hand and alternate from patting and rubbing. Do for 5-10 minutes at a time. This encourages the baby to cough and makes it easier to move the mucus. And I can tell you from experience that this WORKS! I was so excited to hear him do a real cough, and he did cough for a minute or two. That helped him sleep and eat.


Now I am sure that you all have heard that if your baby has congestion and is coughing start the shower and let him breathe it in for several minutes. Well did you know that if you put the bath stopper in and drop somewhere around 5-10 drops of eucalyptus oil in the tub that the seam will be a hundred time MORE effective. Well it is. So if you didn’t know before you do now.



Now to making your own Vicks, I prefer to use coconut oil because it moisturizes at the same time. Take say a half a cup of coconut oil and slowly liquefy on a low heat. When it is completely melted but not really hot add 10 drops of eucalyptus oil, 5 drops rosemary oil and 5 drops lavender or peppermint. Put in clean jar with tight sealing lid. Let it solidify, and rub on chest, back, feet, as needed.

Another I learned was that if you are nursing as I am, to help him breathe rub some home-made Vicks or store-bought on your breast, just make sure not to get any on the areola or nipple. It works really well. And I wonder why didn’t I think of it before.

So I am sure I will add more to this page as time goes but, so stay tuned and we both might learn something.

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