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These photos were free from the internet when I googled “free pictures of couch potato”

Hello again,

I have thought here lately that I don’t want to be a couch potato mom, you know the mom that sits on the couch and doesn’t do anything with her kids. Now for women that have health issues and that can’t physically be active, I do not include them into the stereotypical Couch Potato mom. I mean the women that didn’t really want kids to begin with and are like glorified babysitters to their own children.


I have struggled with my own problems of being physically active or shall I say the lack there of. Which is something I have never really had to deal with before, I love doing things, boating, biking, rock climbing just having fun in general.

I had a baby in Sept of 2012 he was my second and had to be by C-section. When they put the spinal block in, they had to poke me 3 times. Which resulted in leaking spinal fluid and as a result I had spinal headaches, which are the very worst migraine you can imagine. I felt like my head was going to split open from the sheer pain of it all. Well, the day after I was released, I was again admitted to the ER for a Blood patch.


Which is them taking a large amount of my own blood and pumping it into my spine, with the hopes that it would work, only hopes because everyone is different and some people don’t take the blood patch well. Well taking the blood was fine but they had to poke me 3 time again to get it into my spine. Now the blood patch worked for me, but I still have severe back pain where they poked me so many times. It isn’t constant for which I am very grateful, but if does get in the way of things I enjoy doing. One of the biggest that it almost completely stops is playing on the floor with my kids. Even just picking up the floor after they play can lay me out for a while. My Doctor says that again “hopefully” this only lasts for a year or two and that it is not permanent. Chronic back pain for the rest of my life. Yeah…no thanks. I am not going to let 6 nettle pokes stop me from making memories and living my life. I may have some discomfort but I have faith that I will heal be able to live a fulfilling life. So here are some of my plans, yes I found most of them on the internet. My prayer is that I will build muscle to better buffer my bad spots. So this is what I got:

7 Minutes a day, builds muscle and keeps fat away.


I really like this one , the 5-4-3-2-1 workout


30 day AB challenge YEAH!

30 day ab challenge

And I think this one is gonna be interesting 30 day Planking Challenge


Of course I  will not be doing them all at the same time. Here’s to being the mom I want to be, and not just wishing.

All are welcome to join me on this active adventure!


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